MyVibex™ Multipurpose USB Cleansing Brush

Make your skin glow and fresh with this amazing cleansing brush

Whether you’re a skincare junkie or a total novice, a Multipurpose USB Cleansing Brush can be a major bonus to your skincare routine - without adding on any extra time at that.


Beyond simply cleansing, this tech-first cleansing device boasts over 7,000 vibrations per minute. After cleansing, use vibration and hot compress mode to effectively promote the introduction and absorption of skincare products. 

This is a revolutionary tool that combinesmicro-vibration massage with silicone nubs that cleanse more gently than typical brush bristles plus they’re more hygienic and less likely to create bacteria—something you’ll definitely want to avoid if you have acne-prone skin.

This cleansing brush can accelerate the blood circulation of the face, make the pores breathe freely, and at the same time discharge the toxins, dull skin, and recover the whiteness and brightness.




Offering variable intensity level options. Suitable for all skin types including acne-prone, sensitive skin:

  • Red - to fade and calm 

  • Blue - to relax the skin, clean garbage

  • Yellow - to whiten and tender skin, shrink pores

  • Infrared - to delicate skin

 Even More Features You’ll Love:

✔ USB charging + standing base

✔ 42 ℃ is a constant temperature. Warm massage opens pores, makes skincare products fully absorb nutrition and makes the skin more tender.

✔ Fully water-proof. It can be washed directly under the tap after use.

✔ Photon maintenance

NolanBeauty™ Multipurpose USB Cleansing Brush - NolanBeauty™

When will I see results?

For the best results use it daily in the morning! You can also use the brush with your favorite serum or moisturizer for deeper absorption. With daily use, most customers notice an improvement within 1-2 weeks.

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The Multipurpose USB Cleansing Brush is a must-have for any skin care routine!


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1 x Facial Cleanser

1 x Standing Base

1 x USB charging cable

1 x Manual

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