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As we get older, the signs of aging begin to appear and our skin loses elasticity. However, Ozone Plazma Therapy, a new treatment technique, has come to the rescue as it helps to prevent the early signs of maturing and keeps skin glowing without cosmetic intervention.

Bow-D Beauty | High Frequency Facial Machine For Acne

What is Ozone Plasma shower?

Plasma is not a laser, not a radio frequency, not an ultrasound, not a photon. Plasma is the fourth condition that is different from solids, liquids, and gases. It's a gas that's highly dissociated.

Facial Skin Care Pen
✔  Improves the absorption rate of skin care products.
✔ Bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect. Removes the deep acne bacteria in the skin, prevents recurrence.

✔ Accelerate skin metabolism, promote collagen regeneration, and alleviate skin aging.

 Relieve skin itching caused by allergies and dryness.
 Inhibits melanin, brightens skin tone, delicate skin texture and shrinks pores.

LMH190506-01  (5)Ozone plasma - efficient penetration

Ultrafine plasma instantly activates the epidermal cells of the skin, increases the hydrophilicity and helps other active ingredients to be completely absorbed, makes the skin more lustrous.

Skin elasticity and anti-aging

This treatment fights aging from the inside, regardless of whether it is deeply or superficially on the skin. The therapy works by getting rid of toxins in the body and invokes cell regeneration that reflects freshness and makes it more youthful.

hotest 2 in 1 ozone fibroblast plasma pen painless mole spot ...

Acne, hemorroids 

The skin exfoliating effect produced by ozone plasma has a significant effect on dead glial cells, killing 75% of acne-causing bacteria and acne vulgaris. It has the effect of inhibiting sebum secretion and preventing recurrence of acne.

Antibacterial anti-inflammatory

The active oxygen atoms and the radiation generated by the plasma contained in the ozone will destroy the bacterial cell membrane, DNA and protein, thereby giving a bactericidal effect.

 Even more features you'll love:

1. 5 levels can be adjusted, for different skin types.

2. Automatically shut down after 10 minutes.

3. Available in two colors: black and white

Guaranteed results in just 1 week!


1.Do not use this product while it is charging.

2.After fully charging, please unplug the product and do not overcharge for a long time.

3.Keep the product away from overheated objects.

4.Do not let children use it directly.

5.Do not concentrate the product on a part of the human body for a long time.

12.It is recommended that the use time should not exceed 10 minutes. If you need to continue using it, please wait 10 minutes before starting again. 


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Package include:

  • 1x Main Machine
  • 2x Head
  • 1x US Plug
  • 1x English/Chinese Manual
  • 1x Box

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