MyVibex™ Steam Nail Polish Remover

A guaranteed way to remove anything off your nails without damaging them

Tired of using stinky chemicals to get your nail polish off? You will love our Steam Nail Polish Remover!

Steam Nail Polish Remover

This Acrylic Nail Steam Remover machine uses the steam to soften the gel nail polish, remove all kinds of gels in a short time and it can clean your 5 fingers all at once. Besides, the nail remover water can be reused so as to avoid wasting.

Steam Off Gel Nail Remover FX060401 – Immune Jet

Harmless to nails

The polish remover steamer is gentle and harmless for your nails. The max temp of the steam is 52℃, without damage to the natural nail plate or cuticle. You could enjoy using the steam off machines in a salon or do this at home in front of the TV.

Healthy and safe

Fingers don’t need to touch the resurrection water and make it safer and easier than traditional nail polish remover kit. You can clean off your nails without worrying about any skin damage.

Nail Gel Polish Remover Outil la Vapeur hors Gel Système Machine ...

Time & Energy Saver

Traditional nail polish removing methods process can take hours or even days, our new remover can speed this process down from 5 to 20 minutes. Saves you time from chipping away one by one. You can complete up to five fingernails at a time. Making it time-efficient and less frustrating cleaning your nails.

Suitable for all nail polish

Steam off gel polish, a matte polish, Shellac, acrylic, base coat or topcoat with easy. 

Silvia Steam Nail Polish Remover

How to use

  1. Open the top cover of the steamer
  2. Add 5-10 ml gel removal solution
  3. File the top coat gently
  4. Turn on the power switch and put your fingers into 5 holes
  5. The LED gel can be removed easily after 5 minutes, but for the extension UV gel it will take 10 minutes to finish
  6. Use the nail stick to remove gel polish quickly before it gets dry 

Best of all, you can use our Steam Nail Polish Remover easily and conveniently at home. And no pain and skin damage!


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