MyVibex™ LED Lifting Neck Massager

A brand new solution to aging and sagging skin

Do you want to naturally rejuvenate your face without having to go through surgery or spending a fortune on anti-aging and revitalizing treatments? Don't miss the opportunity to take care seriously of your skin and look younger day after day!

No more expensive surgical lifts, useless neck creams, and temporary neck tapes. Use something that really works. Neck Massager uses clinically proven light and vibration therapy to tighten the skin, and improve its appearance. 

The contour of the device is designed to specifically lift and firm the jaw, neck and chin area, giving you a youthful glow.

The different LED lights work together to open up the pores, improve blood circulation, increase collagen, recovering your skin’s elasticity and eliminating those fine lines and wrinkles.

Use the Lifting Neck Massager to:

✔ Lift and tighten the neck

✔ Slim and sharpen the jaw and cheeks

✔ Eliminate wrinkles and fine lines

✔ Smoothen skin and reduce a double chin

Why LED therapy?

Originally invented by Nasa, LED therapy has been proven to be a powerful weapon in skin care and anti-aging. 


The Lifting Neck Massager promotes LONG TERM results. It uses science-based technology to permanently lift your neck, and eliminate lines and wrinkles.


Transform your neck from the comfort of your own home, office, anywhere. Turn on the device by a simple button press and you are ready to go!


Each light colour has a different purpose and function. Combine all of them for amazing results!

Red light: Reduces fine lines and wrinkles

  • Promotes a vibrant and youthful complexion

  • Warms up the pores, improves blood circulation, and activates regeneration, recovering skin elasticity

Blue light: Firms and tightens the skin

  • Shrinks pores, locks in skin’s moisture, strengthening collagen fibers

  • Anti-inflammatory properties also reduces acne and bacteria

Green light: Tone and lighten the skin

  • Blocks the production of excess melanin

  • Breaks up melanin clusters, diminishing existing discoloration

  • Fades dark spots


Notice results fast with the device’s combination of heat and massage therapy. We recommend to use the massager at least 3 times a week for the best effect.


  1. Wash your neck with a cleanser and pat dry with a cloth.

  2. Apply your desired skin or cream to your neck

  3. Turn on the device by holding on the power for 4 seconds

  4. Change the colour setting by pressing the power button once.

  5. Move up and down with the device on your neck area, jaw, and chin

  6. Wash your neck.

It only takes a week of use for the results to be clearly visible. It's like getting a real natural facelift!


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  • 1 x LED Lifting Neck Massager

  • 1 x USB Charging Cable

  • 1 x Manual