MyVibex™ Electric Eye Massager

No more eye bags and circles

Lack of sleep and spending the majority of your day staring at a screen will definitely cause dark circles and eye bags. Even after regulating your sleep schedule, the puffiness and darkness would remain. There is no eye cream that was proven to help so far, this is why experts suggest trying something different!

Suddenbe Eye Massager with ION&LED from Allyoung - Snowman · Sharing

This Electric Eye Massager is a “beauty savior” because it will protect you from the side effects of your devices! The high-frequency vibrations will boost blood circulation around your eyes, leading to a better and rejuvenated skin, which means an impressive reduction of dark circles and puffiness

✔ Adjustable high-frequency vibrations provides great relaxation while helping to tighten your pores and boost blood circulation

✔ Can get rid of eye bags and much more

✔ Comfortable & safe heated treatment that can get your face cream penetrated into the bottom of your skin

✔ Adjustable High-frequency vibrations that provide great relaxation while helping to tighten your pores, boost blood circulation, and better your skin

✔ 3 different massage modes

RED - increase skin elasticity and soothes the skin

YELLOW - break down skin melanin and decrease skin shine

BLUE - soothe and calm skin, eliminate eye bags

✔ Fits all skin types & suitable for everyone and all ages

✔ Compact eye massager with USB charging mode that can work for 120 minutes continuously after a full charge

Allow your eyes to show their real beauty with our Beauty Eye Massager!


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